PHOTO Devin Yalkin

PHOTO Devin Yalkin

In order to make takayuki ECHIGOYA's UNIQUE pair of raw denim jeans, he spent years collecting the vintage Singer machines that vintage jeans were made with. These machines originally designed in New York City provide top qualities and characters to each pair of his Bowery Blue Makers jeans. There is nothing else like these BEAUTIFUL black Singer machines. The process of collecting the machines took a long time but now he has the best ten machines from 1905-1945 required to make the perfect pair of jeans. This is his way of paying respect to one of the most important companies in the garment industry.

Singer #31 -1909 [Oscillating shuttle] [Lock stitch]

Stitiching back-pocket, felling inside and outside seams of legs, back seam, make fly, front and etc.

Singer #22w -Unknown [Drop Feed] [Lock stitch]

Stitiching Back Pockets and fly.

Singer #81 -1908 [3-thread over-edge chain stitch]

Overedging fly, stitching over inside seams

Reece #101 -Unknown[Buttonholes cut-after stitching]


Power Sewing Machine Table -1940 era


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