Type-LB Authentic Pleated Blouse

Type-LB Authentic Pleated Blouse


Legend Kiyama Originals Raw Japanese Denim

- Type-LB Authentic Pleated Blouse

- 12 oz Raw Blended American Cotton Denim weaving in Okayama, Japan

-Denim woven from Blended American cotton to get dry feeling

- Hand Made to Order in Brooklyn NY by Echigoya Takayuki 

- Sewn On Only Vintage Singer Machines

- Lock Stitch Model

- 3 different sizes and colors of 100% cotton thread

- Steel Buttons (will be rusted)

- 5oz Natural Vegetable Tanned Cow Hide Leather Patch

- Shrink vertical 8~12% horizontal 3~5% after the first wash.

- 100% Cotton

- Machine washable

- Due to the natural characteristics of this material, the coloring may rub off onto fabrics and upholstery.

- Made in the USA

- Bespoke is additional $100 + more


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Sizing Chart ( in Inches ) / Raw Denim / before wash

36 45.4 22.2 44.8 21.2 20.6 24.1
38 47.4 23.4 46.8 21.7 21.4 24.9
40 49.4 24.6 48.7 22.2 22.2 25.7
42 51.3 25.7 50.7 22.8 23 26.5


Target Sizing Chart ( in Inches )  / after wash & dryer
*Raw denim is not under control. That's nature of it. Size would change depends on how to wash and dry as you know.

36 40.7 21.3 40.3 19.1 19.2 23.1
38 42.7 22.4 42.3 19.6 20 23.9
40 44.6 23.6 44.3 20.2 20.7 24.7
42 46.6 24.8 46.2 20.7 21.5 25.5

About the Limited Edition Legend Kiyama Denim

Kiyama-san has been producing denim all his life in the denim holly land of Okayama, Japan. For over 50 years, he's produced world class denim. For this special project, he's agreed to produce some of the last rolls of loose weave raw denim from the Toyoda G3 machine that is no longer used in most denim production factories, because of it's time consuming nature. The care and attention that it takes to run the machine gives the denim a old-world quality, much like the denim jeans we now revel as vintage, this denim is one of a kind. 

Each one of our denim pieces are hand made to order in our small studio in Brooklyn, NY. For the love of vintage denim, I spent over two years collecting vintage Singer machines to both honor and replicate the qualities of denim from the past. Each piece takes up to 8 hours to produce. I do this so that I can produce the best quality jeans for everyone. One by one, I read the orders and cut each pattern as they come, making every pair to their original or bespoke needs.