Type-MP Military Deck Pants

Type-MP Military Deck Pants


- Type-MP Military Deck Pants

- 10oz Denim weaving in Okayama, Japan

- Hand Made to Order in Brooklyn NY by Echigoya Takayuki 

- Sewn On Vintage Singer Machines, Reece Button Holes

- 501 Construction Lock Stitch Model

(different from Original USN deck pants construction)

- Steel Tack Buttons (will be rusted) or Plastic Black Buttons

- Shrink vertical 3% horizontal 2% after the first wash.

- 100% Cotton

- Machine washable

- Due to the natural characteristics of this material, the coloring may rub off onto fabrics and upholstery.

- Made in the USA


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Sizing Chart ( in Inches ) / Snforized Denim / before wash

Target Sizing Chart ( in Inches )  / after wash & dryer
*Size would change depends on how to wash and dry as you know.

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